Sandalwood Solid Perfume Balm by cynthias3

4,00 USD

This solid perfume balm is made with all natural ingrediants and vital oils, fragrance oils only when we must due to cost and accessibility. You can rub a little anywhere on your body for a long lasting fragrance, or raise off the lid to fill your area with the earthy fragrance of sandalwood. Perfume is not simply a pleasure to wear, however think about it as theraputic as in aroma-therapy.

The balm is in a. 25 ounce sliding tin.

Sandalwood stretches out to deep space, into the hallowed space in between heaven and earth to contact the Devine existence. It brings us knowledge & silencing us so we can hear the singing of the universal soul.

The scent is smokey, woodsy, musky and sensual.

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