Shatavari Yoni Potion ™ A Botanical Vaginal Potion To Nourish, Tone And Soothe by BlackDoveBotanicals

25,00 USD

Artfully hand combined, Potion Erotica is
strengthened with skin-nourishing organic oils and my beloved Shatavari to conjure up healthy lovely yonis!

This charming oil conjures up self-love and self-healing and is trauma banishing
A recovery, toning, glossy and smooth experience for down there …
A real sensual treasure!
This oil is recovery for you, banish vaginal dryness holistically!

Utilize it inside, outside all around (your bottom to)
Perfect after bathing to tone and hydrate, utilize daily!

Might be utilized to conjure up self intimacy.
Not produced usage with prophylactics as my FOCUS is a NURTURING OIL for VAGINAL SUPPORT

This is not a sexual Lube.
A supportive massage oil.

~ Amazing for masturbation ~ and you can enhance your V’s health at the exact same time!

I feel using petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, and all that other rubbish business put into personal care items is dreadful/ risky thing to do.
I am dedicated to the safety and health of my clients!

Shatavari is a signature Black Dove potion created and prepared by Estelle
Instilled with magickal gem stone elixirs, wild rose and Shatavari, my most beloved invigorate natural for women!

I think about Shatavari to be one of the most handy herbs for women as it assists general in stabilizing the female hormonal system.
This sophisticated, sensual organic girl provides total nutrition and health for the vaginal area
She has a earthy deep clean smell.

Shatavari consists of the phyto-estrogens, the precursors of estrogen and extremely useful for females who experience low natural estrogen levels as a result of menopause and hysterectomies.

A botanical philtre magickaly intended to nurture, tone and soothe.
A perfect recovery blend likewise for expecting moms and and brand-new mothers.

I encourage you utilize it often with tantric routine everyday.
Within this sacred area we are discovering to like ourselves, in return making us all set to love others!

Thank You, and many true blessings

Black Dove Botanicals are: Handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest at Nymphs Du Prairie Apothecary.
I am a Certified Esthetician, specializing in Holistic facials and have blended and dealt with my philtres on customers for Three Decade.
I am pleased to make them available to you, taking great care to utilize the finest qualified natural and wildcrafted active ingredients.
Right here you will not discover mass produced/ bought elsewhere exploiting components and bases
At Black Dove Botanicals I do not deal with or diagnose, simply adoringly suggest

This listing is for one 2.5 oz. Environmentally friendly glass bottle.
The ingredient profile:
Oregon wild roses
Wildcrafted sweet fern
Royal honey dust
Golden jojoba
Sugary food almond
Rose quartz gemstone elixir
My exclusive mix of therapeutic grade important oils
note ~
My necessary oil mix is a sought after formula, that I do not share.
If you have any level of sensitivities, kindly let me understand and I might be able to move the formula.

Via Etsy brand-new policy I should state:
This product has not been accepted by the FDA therefore should be considered a curio. We do not treat or identified, just lovingly recommend. Human checked and approved.

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