SLR Camera Strap- Aqua Damask by SassyStrap

31,50 USD

The ‘Aqua Damask’ electronic camera strap is a super stylish strap for your slr camera. The camera strap offers the strength and toughness of a stock strap, however the design and convenience of a Sassy Strap!

This strap is made with a high-quality nylon strap and a soft plush liner around the neck area. The straps are adjustable and fit most SLR electronic cameras. The main part of the strap is around 24 & quot; & quot; long and 1.5 & quot; large. Completion attachment straps are 3/8 & quot; & quot

; wide. The extra long option is 36 & quot;& quot;. This length is ideal for using your strap across the chest.

The quick release option can quickly be included to this strap.

This strap is likewise readily available in a ruffle strap as in the last photo … https:// noting/ 71000547/ sassy-camera-strap-agua-damask-ruffle

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can be acquired at Etsy for SassyStrap