Sock Monkey Craft Kit – Purple, Pink and Yellow strips, DIY Kits by Squigglymonkeys

16,00 AUD

This Kit includes all you have to make your very own 12 & quot; & quot; 30cm Sock Monkey:

– Comprehensive direction brochure with colour photos.
– 1 pair of striped socks for the monkey’s body.
– 1 single plain sock making a hat and headscarf.
– Stuffing.
– Needle and pins.
– Thread.

All you need is:

– Scissors.
– A few hours.
– basic sewing abilities.

This kit contains the same sock as the one made use of for the completed monkey included in the image. If you would like a various sock please message me and I can make a customized kit for you.

Please note: The kits contain a needle and pins so they are not appropriate for kids. We advise the kits for kids over 8.

My kits are for gifts or individual use only, please do not copy or duplicate my intructions. (c) Squiggly Monkeys 2015

Finished sock monkeys are also offered please checkout the rest of my shop. shopsection_leftnav_1

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