Sourdough Bread Starter

Sourdough Bread Starter

  • Prep Time: 96 hrs
  • Total Time: 96 hrs
  • Yield: 1starter
  • About This Recipe

    “This is your basic Sour Dough bread starter to be used over and over again. Look for the sour dough bread recipe to make use of this starter.There are two ways to make sour dough starter one without yeast where you feed the starter daily and this recipe where you just let the yeast do the work andlet it sit for 3 or 4 days. Be sure that you clean the jar well before putting the saved starter back in it.”


  • 1 (1tablespoon) package dry yeast
  • 2 1/2 cupswater
  • 2cupsflour
  • 1tablespoonsugar
  • Directions

  • Dissolve yeast in 1/2 cup warm water, rest for ten minutes.
  • Mix in flour, sugar& remaining water.
  • Allow to stand, loosely covered, in a warm place for 3 or 4 days.Use a large (preferably ceramic) bowl as it will rise considerably.
  • Every time the batter is used to make a product set aside 1 cup to be used as a”starter” for another batch.
  • Keep covered in the fridge (a pint jar works nicely).
  • To make it into a basic batter again, add another 2 cups flour& 2 cups warm water and allow to stand at room temp overnight It is now ready to use, but again reserve a cup of the starter.
  • Reviews

  • “This is a great starter.I have used it to make sour dough bread as well as adding it to my pizza dough recipe.The starter is at least 3 months old and just keeps getting better and better.I feed my starter about every 9 to 10 days, I add 1/2 cup warm water to the starter mixing well and then add 1 cup flour mixing well (ok to have some lumps) and let it sit out at room temp for an hour or two and then back to the fridge it goes until the next time.”

  • “Separation of the sourdough starter is completely normal.The liquid on top is called “hooch.”You can either pour it off, or stir in back into the starter (if your starter looks too thin, pour it off, too thick, stir it back in). If your sourdough is tinted pink or green, it is contaminated and needs to be thrown out.”

  • “My Betty Crocker cook book says to let (an almost identical receipt) sit out at room temp for 10 days. I thought that was a little silly. I am glad that your receipt mirrors my judgement of how done my starter is. A word of advice for others though, mix the starter in a fairly larger mixing bowl and let it rise for 12 hours before transfering it to a smaller jar. It will foam and fizz all over if it is too confined.”

  • “I am excited to report this starter worked well for me! It is on it’s fourth day and has been doing great. Cant wait to make my first loaf of sour dough bread! Used a large glass bowl and tucked it away in a warm place on the counter. Thank you Bergy for sharing this easy to have success with recipe! Made and reviewed for the Game Forum’s – I Recommend Tag Game.”

  • “This worked really well for me. I aged it for almost 2 weeks feeding it and keeping it clean. And the first batch of bread was wonderful. But they just keep getting better the older this stuff gets. Yum!”

  • “The best way to make sourdough starter is included in this book by Yoke Mardewi along with a lot of very good recipes.I have used it and can attest that it works – and it is very different to what is described in this recipe which is essentially everyday bread made with an everlasting starter kept in the firdge.The difference in taste and texture of the two breads is enormous.”

  • “This is NOT a sourdough starter. It is merly a wet yeast version of the commercially available activated yeast. The reason many of you mention that there is not a sour dough taste is because a true sourdough starter has a Lactobacillus culture in symbiotic combination with yeasts. What is made here in no way has that. If you wantg a true sourdough culture go to Google and search for Carl’s Oregon Trail Sourdough. For the cost of a self addressed stamped envelope you can get a real sourdough culture.”

  • “This starter works really well for me. I’ve been using it for nearly five months. I feed it and add to it often. It’s fantastic and my bread has a great flavor. I now prefer this to the yeasty taste of regular yeast breads I used to make.
    Thanks for the recipe!”

  • “Yeast,flour & water…the start(er) of something beautiful.”

  • “Easy process to making sour dough starter.We will be reporting back after it is ready and we make bread out of it.Made for Favs of 2011.”

  • “This was an awesome starter. I’ll use it again and again 🙂 Thanks!”

  • “This is the first time I have attempted a sourdough starter. As far as I can tell everything went as it was supposed to. It frothed and bubbled, smelled slightly fermented and raised very nicely when I baked my first batch of bread. One problem though. It was not in the slightest bit sour. It tasted just like home-made white bread.I don’t know what went wrong! I’ve read that the starter will grow more and more sour the longer you have it. I am going to try again this weekend and am keeping my fingers crossed. The bread still tasted wonderful, just not what I expected.”

  • “My first try with a starter and (after asking Bergy a few questions :)) it worked great. I have had it in my fridge for a couple of months now and am about to use it for the third time. The flavor it brings is amazing now, The best sourdough flavor I have had in a long time. Thanks!!”

  • “I think mine worked! Left it in a warm pantry for 4 full days. Had hooch seperation but stirred it back in. Didn’t know you don’t use metal tools. (No mention anywhere to a Tyro like me). Starter didn’t rise much, but went ahead and used it. The bread dough rose nicely and I made 2 loaves of #85644 Sourdough Bread. It sure smelled good while baking. Am not sure how high the baked bread was suppo0sed to rise, but my 6 inch circle rose about 1 inch at its peak. Taste was excellent (compared to what?) with butter. Storing a pint in fridge. Maybe I should feed it some more? How do you feed starter anyway? Will try Google for answers. TFTR.”

  • “Excellent recipe! Fast, easy directions…wonderful starter!I put mine in a large pottery measuring cup and covered it with a elasticized plastic cover that you can get at the dollar stores. It sits pretty on my counter and anyone coming into my kitchen always takes a peek at what is brewing under the cover.This will be perfect for my sourdough biscuits.Thanks Bergy”

  • “Sourdough starter is one of the RSC contest ingredients so I selected this recipe to make it.I used a gallon jar & covered with plastic wrap since I was unsure how much this would rise.It is very hot here (over 100 degrees) and gained a mild sour smell & clear liquid on top after a day & a half.I “fed” it again, let it sit another 12 hours and then stored in the icebox.After a week I have started using it with the first recipe being Recipe #318969.It tasted wonderful!I hope I have enough made to keep playing!Thank you for sharing your recipe & knowledge with me!”

  • “Excellent! Thanks Bergy! I always wanted to start a bread starter and you gave me the tool to do so. Once again, a great recipe!”

  • “I do not want to give this stars yet.I followed the directions with the ingredients, but I was not sure if I was supposed to stir the hooch in daily or not.I let it sit undisturbed for 2 days, then I stirred the hooch in daily after that.I did notuse any metal (bowl or spoon).I put it into the fridge on the 5th day.I made bread on the 7th day.The bread was not sour AT ALL, it tasted more like french bread (it was good, but I was trying to make sourdough).I took it out again to see if it sours up.I will give it a bit more time and another try before I give my stars.Hope others have better luck with it.”

  • “I love this Bergy! I just made mine earlier this week, and used the first amount for a delicious vegan loaf of sourdough bread. Will have another loaf going this weekend too. I followed exactly using my Grandmothers’ ceramic bowl for rising. Thank you so much! Madie for *I Recommend* tag game April 2009.”

  • “*****must rate this after using for another great loaf!!! been maintaining it for about 5 months ( nursing it, feeding with different flours, giving it baths, taking it out warming it up and chilling it again…)keeping it in fridge w/ cheese cloth cover… been using it about twice a month (cupa at a time and replenishing) loving the results***** 🙂 Thanks for helping me to discover the wonderful world of sourdough!!! *****”