Soy / Organic Cotton Scrap Bag – stretchy material by IntertwinedDesigns

< img src=""border="0"width= "570"height= "429"/ > 10,00 USD< p class= "description"> A 2 gallon bag stuffed filled with soy/ natural cotton/ spandex scraps from eliminating my clothing line.
You can even re-use the bag it can be found in to freeze some goodies:-RRB-)< br/ > All the pieces are random sizes, however big enough to do something with. The colors are all color-fast and the material is pre-shrunk. I aim to put an excellent variety of color shades in each bag to spice things up.
Great for wash-cloths, napkins, quilts, kid clothing, bags, patchwork, hook rugs, or whatever your creative side desires.
Fun, intense colors, simple fabric to work with!!

fabric Material: 58% Soy 37% Organic Cotton 5% Spandex

Very first picture shows the colors of soy that I deal with.

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