Square 18g 3/16 inch Dark Blue Jump Rings (5mm ID) by BeadMeAStory

3,00 USD Pkg of 50 or Pkg of 300 Inner Size: 5mm Outer Size: 7.4 mm

Wire Thickness: 1.2 mm (SWG)

All of the anodized aluminum surfaces in this classification are non tarnishing. This has a very glossy and hard finish that will not rub off. These are harder to scratch with pliers than the matte surface of anodized aluminum.

See www.beadmeastory.com then tick on TUTORIALS for totally free PDF guidelines on basic chain maille weaves.< br/ >< br/ > For purchases of$20.00 or more use SHIP200 for$2.00 off shipping.
Precious jewelry items displayed in photos not included with purchase.

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