Stainless Steel ID Tag Pet Tag – LIFETIME guarantee by FoxValleyDogCollars

9,95 USD

Premium quality stainless steel ID tags for collars, leashes, harnesses, and horse halters. They are a 1/16 & quot; & quot; thick, and contoured to fit your canine’s neck. They are GUARANTEED not to put on out, fall off, and they never ever jingle or get caught on things! You can have anything etched on them you want (up to 6 lines on huge size tags).

Great for horse halters, too!! (You’ll require the double-thickness slide on tag for most horse halters)

Your option of detachable or slide-on (for belt-type collars or can be built into any collar or harness bought from my store), for the ultimate reassurance that as long as your canine is using a collar, he will likewise have recognition. These tags, unlike & quot; & quot; vending machine & quot; & quot; tags, will not break after a few months! They are ensured to remain readable for the life of the animal they were acquired for. The inscription is deep and permanent!

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @

— & gt; REMOVABLE TAGS will NOT fall off your Fox Valley Pet Collar product! It’s ensured! I have actually been making use of these tags for nearly One Decade on my own pets and through forest, field, and water, I’ve never ever had a detachable tag come loose.

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*** Buying for an existing collar?? ***
Slide-on Tags JUST deal with belt-buckle type collars and horse halters !! The collar needs to have a complimentary end to thread through the tag – a metal fastening at one end and holes punched in the other. If you have a collar with an adjustable plastic buckle or a martingale collar with no buckle, you MUST order a removable tag. ** NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES if the wrong tag type is ordered ** If you are unsure, simply send me a message with a picture of your collar, if possible.

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*************** ************* SIZES ****************************

– Mini – for the 3/8 & quot; & quot; collars – Small – for 5/8 & quot; & quot; collars – Medium – for 3/4 & quot; & quot; collars – Large – for 1 & quot; & quot; collars * if you are looking for a tag for a 1.5 & quot; & quot; or 2 & quot; collar, please message me for details. 1 & quot; tags can be affixed to the front of wider collars if needed, nevertheless tags are NOT readily available in broader widths.

******************** ******** SHIPPING ***************************

Tags bought alone will deliver within 1-2 company days (MF). Tags bought with other items from my shop will deliver together in approximately 5-10 business days.

**************************** TO ORDER **** ************************
I will certainly require the following info prior to your tag will certainly be purchased/ shipped:

1. Select suitable size and type from both dropdown menus.
2. In the Note to Store box throughout checkout, type EXACTLY what you desire your tag to state.

Contact me with questions.

When ordering, please include EXACTLY what you would such as the tag to say. You can make use of a character count function in Word or to inspect character maximums.

Inscription is in UPPERCASE just.

Text is immediately CENTERED and instantly SIZED
(lines with less characters, like names, will be larger than lines with more characters).

The more text you place on the tag, the smaller the print will certainly be. Fewer characters suggests bigger text, meanings that it will be much easier to check out.

ZIP CODES or POSTAL CODES are NOT recommended – they are a creation of the postal system and are of no value on an ID tag – ultimately they only take up important area.

I will certainly copy and paste your info directly to prevent any typing mistakes, so be * definitely sure * all of your details is appropriate. I can not return/ exchange tags that have incorrect information on them (unless of course it was my mistake) OR if you buy the incorrect size/ type tag.

Offered special characters:
.,: ‘& Quot; & Quot; () -/?

=+ & % $ # @! * **************************** TEXT ABILITY *** ************************* Spaces and punctuation count as characters! Attempt to check each line. For Small, Medium, & Big tags: Line 1: 14 characters max

Line 2: 18 characters max Line 3:

20 characters max
Line 4: 25 characters max
Line 5: 20 characters max
Line 6: 2( 2)characters
max for MINI tags: Line 1: 14
characters max Line 2: 14 characters

max Line 3:
14 characters max
Line 4: 14 characters max ——————- —– Authentic Boomerang CollarTags ™ ————————- **** *************************** Likewise Available ********************* *******( message me for information)-Conventional

hanging tags(circles, bones, hearts, feline deals with, etc )in stainless steel, brass, and plastic -Rivet-on tags- Military or Medical – type & quot; canine tags & quot; Можно purchase on Etsy for FoxValleyDogCollars