stay strong, Inspirational Bracelet, Wrap Bracelet, Hand Stamped Jewelry, Hand Stamped Bracelet, Breast Cancer Awareness, Motivational by jessejanes

18,00 USD

stay strong, Inspirational Bracelet, Wrap Bracelet, Hand Stamped Fashion jewelry, Hand Stamped Bracelet, Breast Cancer Awareness, Motivational

& quot; & quot; remain strong & quot; inspirational quote wrap bracelet on micro suede cable is perfect for empowering girls, fitness enthusiasts for motivation, breast cancer awareness and more!

One size fits all, cord is 42 & quot; & quot; in length. Wrap around wrist as sometimes as comfortable then tie in double knot. What an ideal present for graduate too!

You can select a various suede color. Colors consist of: pink, light pink, light blue, navy blue, slate blue, brown, dark brown, gray or purple.

* These will fit ladies as well, simply wrap around wrist loosely and incorporate double know.

Hand stamping is done by me and letters, depth and placement can differ. This develops a special, handcrafted memento, simply for you!

Marked on 1100 high quality aluminum.

Handcrafted Precious jewelry Care

Want your fashion jewelry to last? Some basic care can help your piece of precious jewelry last for a lifetime even if it is not sterling or 14K gold.

Initially, bear in mind to remove your precious jewelry when showering or putting on creams or fragrances. This likewise uses to going swimming. It’s also a smart idea to removed them if you will be using any chemicals or perhaps home cleaning solutions. You can buy jewelry cleaning options to dip your jewelry into, but we do not advise those for any precious jewelry pieces that have a glimmer accent. Utilize a cotton swab or soft cloth to clean.

Next, to clean your pieces, you can use a mild soap and some warm water. Make sure to wash well and after that pat dry. Always be sure your fashion jewelry is dry prior to storing.

You can polish with a soft cloth or chamois. Any of the metals in our fashion jewelry (silver, gold, brass or copper) can stain or have water spots if not dried well.

It’s finest to store your jewelry pieces in a dry container such as a plastic bag or air tight precious jewelry box.

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