Steampunk Cufflinks, Benrus Cufflinks, Steampunk Wedding, Wedding Cufflinks, Vintage Watch Movement, Matching Silver Cufflinks, Groomsmen by tasherajean

45,00 USD

Extravagance and charm mix harmoniously for these luxury cufflinks.
My inspiration for this piece can be attributed to my love of all things vintage and antiquian.
With a Steampunk feel and couture futuristic ambiance, each product I create is developed to not only look excellent, but also to make you ‘feel excellent’ using it.
The utmost focus on detail and functionality is required to ensure that your cufflinks are exceptionally durable yet incredibly comfortable to wear.
Whether you are using your jewelry out to get groceries, or going to a formal occasion, your cufflinks are sure making a sensational visual effect.


METAL: Different

ENJOY: 2 Similar Benrus model ab2 17-Jeweled high end mechanical watch activities from the 1950’s. In beautiful condition!


Cufflinks procedure approx..50 Inches/ 1.27 cm


Due to the fact that your jewelry is made from numerous metals, I strongly recommend keeping it dry- that means no swimming with it! However, if you merely can not resist bringing your new incredible jewelry to the beach, kindly make certain to dry it off completely with a soft towel or cloth prior to putting it away. Never leave your precious jewelry in the bathroom or other moist environment!

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