Sterling Silver Ear Wires – Bent Tail – 5 Pair – Choose Your Gauge by NaturalStoneSupply

14,00 USD These ear wires are handcrafted with care from premium sterling silver produced in the USA and cambium free. They are 3/4 inch in length and simply over 1/2 large Ear set is made to order

5 Set Choose your gauge 22 gauge best for lightweight fragile earrings
20 gauge best all round size
18 gauge will still fit normal size ear holes. Great for rustic and chunkier earrings

Oxidized sterling silver is silver that is positioned in a liver/ sulfur option which stains the silver extremely rapidly to a dark black patina. Then I supported it and oil it to develop a rich black glossy patina the is devoid of splitting or rubbing off quickly. When tooling usage covered pliers

< br/ > Please note: As soon as wire has actually been oxidized it is dangerous to melt as this can release poisonous fumes. Torching my be used to burn patina thoroughly if desired in a well ventilated work space

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