Strawberry Border Trim Strip for Sweet Summer Pin Square by HeartstringSamplery

2,00 USD

Understanding when I made my Sweet Summertime Pin Square, that I was using a material for the edging that is now out of print, and knowing that it is the absolute best choice for this particular design, I chose to give up the continuing to be half backyard for you.

Only enough for a couple of dozen of you, get hold of one while you can! I’ll be on the lookout for more of the very same fabric, however might not be able to get any in when my current stock is gone.

You will certainly receive a strip of material sized ideal for finishing the Sweet Summer Pin Square if you cross sew the design on 40 count linen; there will be sufficient to finish the task if you follow the guidelines included in the pattern. If you choose to sew on a lower count linen, then this listing might not provide sufficient trim to cover all four sides of your square.

The pattern may be bought right here: https:// noting/ 99293529/ sweet-summer-pin-square

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