Styling Story: Kaleidoscope Skies

Let our new lookbook Kaleidoscope Skies inspire your festival wardrobe. 

I have always found festival fashion a fascinating phenomenon. To me, people (or fashion) watching at a music fest is akin to browsing at Amoeba Music. A huge area dedicated to the things I love the most – endless amounts of options, inspiration, and learnings. Festivals are like three magical days when time stops and the world outside of the music might actually not be happening. Right?! I mean, how are we to tell?

Hours are dedicated to finding the perfect wardrobe leading up to this magical wrinkle in time. Bold, bright prints? Check. Cutoffs? Duh. Fringe Vest? Yesssss. Worn in, perfectly comfy boots? Double check. Band tee? Heck yes. Freakin’ kaleidoscope sunglasses?! Freakin’ YES. I am especially excited about festival fashion this year. The rock’n roll edge, alongside bright colors and playful DIY beauty will make for some fun fashion watching. Fringe gets cooler this year, adding length to shorter vests and dresses. Jewelry goes rocker/bohemian with feather duster earrings and statement necklaces. For some major festival style inspiration, check out the new lookbook, Kaleidoscope Skies, and we’ll see you out there!

Thunder Road Vegan Suede VestLogan High Rise Cutoff, Spring in Paris Boot, Washed Ashore Body Piece, Feather Shoulder Duster Earrings

Sophia Embroidered Romper

Disco Babe Bodysuit, The In Crowd Maxi Skirt, Kaleidoscope Sunglasses

Thunder Road Vegan Suede Vest, Logan High Rise Cutoff, Little Luck Vegan Suede Hat

Electric Avenue Crochet Pullover, Leather Concho Choker

Ibiza Midi, Reach for the Stars Ankle Boot

Wild West Suede Fringe Vest, Kiss the Sky SunniesLogan High Rise CutoffReach for the Stars Ankle Boot, Large Pearl Tambourine

Dramatic Sleeve Suede KimonoLogan High Rise Cutoff, Wild Fire Fringe Necklace

Labyrinth Dress, Levita Layering Necklace

Wild West Suede Fringe VestDisco Babe Bodysuit, Vintage Hip Satchel, Riptide Fringe Necklace

Feather HeadpieceWild West Suede Fringe VestDisco Babe Bodysuit

Kiss The Sky Fringe Vest, Denim Super Flare, Ride or Die Soft BraLeather Concho Choker, Retro Jean Belt

+Which Kaleidoscope Skies look is your favorite? Share in the comments! 

Photos by Tina Deleon. Modeled by Aline Weber. Hair and makeup by Karolina Bernat. Prop styling by Garret Miller.

Styling Story: Kaleidoscope Skies Styling Story: Kaleidoscope Skies Styling Story: Kaleidoscope Skies Styling Story: Kaleidoscope Skies Styling Story: Kaleidoscope Skies

Styling Story: Kaleidoscope Skies
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