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Newly Revised 2012
Wordcount: 5,183

There are so many little details when it comes to attending a craft show and sometimes it can be overwhelming. I have attended them for years and even facilitated a 50 booth show for the Girl Scouts so I do know first hand some great tips and tricks to having a successful craft show and I wrote a book about it! Having sold hundreds, I thought I would also offer it to my Etsy friends. Contents include:

Making Money Ideas
150 Tips
Ways to Make Money after the Show
Information on Suppliers
Attracting People to your Booth

This e-book also comes with a FREE ideas sheet about how to give away things for FREE that will increase your sales and your customer base!

& quot; This booklet is packed full of ideas and resources. Whether you are a veteran or novice at craft shows, this booklet is a must have. It is written from first hand knowledge. The ideas shared give you the information needed to be successful. & Quot; Donna Davis – Mablevale, AR

& quot; After my first craft fair I found this fantastic book called Success with Craft Shows. Wow did this make a difference at my next craft fair. After reading it, I implemented the ideas for my next craft fair, just two weeks later. And guess what? My sales increase doubled from the first fair! If you have never done a craft fair or would like to increase your sales, I highly recommend this book. & Quot; Lisa Hollandar – Buckeye, AZ

& quot; A few days ago I purchased your e-book on Craftshow tips. I have to say, that I’ve always been stubborn, having listened to the & quot; seasoned & quot; craft vets about NOT giving your items away or marking down as it takes away from the craftshow. Well today, I did a small church show (a new one for me) and applied the & quot; Craftshow Special & quot; tip in your e-book, and had a very successful show !! While I almost always do well wherever I go, with the economy still trying to recover, this tip really seemed to make a big difference in my sales. & Quot; Denise Kondash – Whitehall, PA

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