Summer Thunder. Multi Strand Crochet Boho Necklace in eggplant, deep blue & turquoise. Genuine Alpaca wool yarn. Handmade Rustic Neck Art by Chymiera

< img src =""border=" 0"width="570"height= "429"/ > 31,00 USD A multi strand necklace made with strands of single crocheted alpaca wool yarn makes the most gorgeous piece of neck art!
the cool colors remind me of a summer thunder, simply the ideal amount of cooling off after a hot day!
Deep Blues, eggplant & teal are the matrix colors, quite like the colors of the. sky as it turns from hot & hazy into a troubled summertime thunderstorm
The fastest strand is approx 28 & quot; & quot; stretched & 24 & quot; unwinded while the longest hair is approx 40 & quot; & quot; extended & 36 & quot; relaxed.

This necklace looks absolutely remarkable with a light colored or white top!

Enjoy! Можно buy on Etsy for Chymiera