superhero capes by the purplegorilla (two designs) by purplegorilla

23,00 USD


Look, it’s a bird, it’s a plane … it’s little Michael and Lea running around with one of your excellent towels around their neck pretending to be their favorite superhero. However fret no more, Purple Gorilla to the rescue. No superhero is total without an authentic-looking cape. Surprise them with among these. My kid (now 20 years old) still discusses his superhero cape and how it made his youth that much sweeter. Capes are made from poly satin. We do not skimp on fabric which is doubled (lined) with a velcro closure for a more practical and expert look and the symbol on the back is made of eco felt and is sewn to the material. Capes are machine washable cold water, fragile cycle. Air dry, iron low setting approprite for material.

Capes are available in two sizes, huge and little. Kindly let me understand which size you would like when purchasing. If no size is offered, I will certainly send out a large.

Large: approx 27 & quot; & quot; from neck of neck and 42 & quot; & quot; large (ages
4-8 )Small: approx 23 & quot; & quot; from nape of neck and 42 & quot; & quot; broad(ages 2-3)

Customized star in guard cape – royal blue
Personalized star in shield cape – pink
Customized & quot; & quot; super & quot
; star cape Personalized & quot; name & quot; & quot; cape
Superman cape

Kindly note that absolutely nothing is composed in stone and you should ask for a different color for your cape and a different emblem color than those seen in the photos. If you change the emblem color, please tell me the colors you want by layer. For instance on this cape

shield – fuchsia
star – gold (this needs to be a light color for the black
letters and a dark color for white letters
Letters – just black or white

This way, no one is puzzled on the colors and you should get your item quicker.

Capes are made and delivered within ten company days after purchase. Please make all requirements in the area labeled “NOTES TO THE SELLER” as you inspect out.

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