Support spindling starter pack kit in Satin Sycamore, and Dymondwood with Ebook, spindle, bowl, fibre by MalcolmFielding

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Support spindling starter pack kit in Satin Sycamore, and Dymondwood with Ebook, spindle, bowl, fibre.

This pack contains everything you need to get started and learn how to spin using a supported spindle. You will receive a medium sized hand made supported spindle in my & quot; Dervish & quot; style, noted for ease of use and great spin, a simple support bowl to hold your spindle as it spins, a quantity of beautiful Tasmanian Merino fibre, and an e-book on thumb drive, & quot; Fleegle Spins Supported & quot ;.

This fascinating recent publication contains a huge amount of information on support spindles and their use and history. The author is a well known and respected spinning teacher in the US. Reading it and using the tuition videos included will give you all the information you need to learn to use supported spindles. It is far more than a how-to-do-it publication though – it is a wonderful in-depth survey of supported spindles and their use which you will be using as a resource for years, beautifully illustrated and well researched.

Equipped with a top quality hand made spindle and spinning surface from a recognised supplier, some beautiful soft fibre all prepared ready to spin, you will be able to pick up this skill and enjoy support spindling.

Technical details below (please read before purchase!).

Details of the kit contents: –

– One & quot; Dervish & quot; supported spindle – titanium tipped shaft in Dymondwood for long tip life, smooth spins and resistance to warping. Whorl in Satin Sycamore from Queensland. Spindle length approximately 245mm (9.7 in) weight range 24 to 28 grams. (0.8 to 1 oz)

– A reversible Satin Sycamore spinning surface is included with this set. The Dymondwood centres have a dimple to help keep the spindle in position as it is flicked, and the two sides of the surface have different profiles. One is more funnel shaped with a parabolic curve that will hold your spindle securely, and the reverse is shallower to allow use with different whorl shapes and tilt angles. This support bowl is suitable for use with metal tipped spindles. The shallower face will accommodate ball bearing and rounded glass tips by other makers as well as my short tip Dervish styles, and the deeper well suits my Pu Yok, all my standard tibetan range and current Dervish and Dyavol styles. The finish is silk smooth and the woods shows chatoyance on the bowl faces. It is about 55 mm in diameter. The extreme hardness of the Dymondwood centre will ensure many years of spinning with this tool. Ideal for travel use or at home.

– Approximately 2 oz (60 grams) superfine Tasmanian Merino 18.5 micron top (top quality prepared fibre ready to spin, does not need any carding or combing)

– The e-book & quot; Fleegle Spins Supported & quot; – NOTE you will need a computer with a free USB slot to use the e-book. It takes the form of PDF files which can be viewed on screen (using Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download) and printed if preferred. There are a number of videos on the USB drive which demonstrate in detail how to spin using a supported spindle. These can be viewed separately also. Software capable of playing MP4 video files is required to view these. Many options to do this are freely available on the internet, such as Quicktime.

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