Sweet Veggie & Tofu Griller Rub (1/2 oz.) By JamesJams

3,00 USD

Sugary food Vegetable & Tofu Griller Rub (1/2 oz.)

This listing is for a 1/2 oz. tin of my original recipe Vegetable & Tofu Griller Rub. I make use of a mix of top quality sea salt, parsley, onion, sweet pepper, and other fragrant spices to develop this mix, best for outdoor summer barbecuing. This blend is the perfect friend to grilled veggies, and is fantastic on tofu. It also has adequate scent to choose white meats like chicken or pork.

All my creations are made from fresh fruit and vegetables, augmented with regional farmer’s market produce. Undoubtedly, food is subject to choices and taste – I like everything in my store, and I hope you will too. I have tried to describe the ingredients the best I can. If you have questions about any item, kindly contact me.

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