TAL: Blessing Conjure-Style Spray 4oz by twilightalchemylab

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Twilight Alchemy Laboratory Conjure-Style Ritual Sprays, created in conjunction with Black Phoenix Trading Post.

This is a conjure-inspired room spray, created to assist augment and help with wonderful functions and create subtle modifications in the atmosphere and aura of your working space.

An incredibly ‘clean’, extremely positive, gentle-but-powerful blend. Utilize this spray in lieu of incense throughout healing rites (physical, emotional, and psychological), when beginning brand-new endeavors, and to bless brand-new unions, births, and initiation rites. Blessing spray is utilized to cleanse and sanctify new homes, businesses, and spiritual spaces, guaranteeing that you begin your undertakings there with a fresh start.

Twilight Alchemy Lab’s True blessing spray includes essential oils, absolutes, and CO2 extracts that are organically-grown and pesticide-free, and a lot of the oils’ elements are very first distillations from small farms. This oil was charged over twelve complete lunations, Winter season Solstice 2012 to Winter season Solstice in 2013, and was subsequently kept pure in a prep work of salt and frankincense until it was transmuted into spray format in June of 2014. The mix includes olibanum oil extracted from plants grown in the Dhofar region of Oman, CO2 extract of rose, Bulgarian rose outright, and South African rose geranium vital oil steam-distilled from the leaves.

DO NOT spray near open flame. Not edible, not drinkable, not suitable for spraying in your face, in your mouth, or anywhere near your privates. Our TAL sprays can be utilized on clothing to “dress” your garments for a working, however be warned: the sprays might stain pale and/ or fragile materials. They might likewise be utilized to dress conjure bags, talismans, and inedible inanimate objects.

Our conjure-style sprays are of particular usage in lieu of incense whenever smoke is improper.

Twilight Alchemy Laboratory and Black Phoenix Trading Post do not test on animals. All our items are tested on family and friends.

4oz bottle with schpritzer!

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