Tea Tree and Rose Facial Toner with Organic Black Willlowbark by orangefuzz

9,00 USD

Our 100% natural Facial toner will certainly make your skin permanently grateful!

We blend this vegan toner from increased absolut extract, pure witch hazel and a touch of skin balancing essentials. This alcohol complimentary toner will leave skin clean and smooth without over-drying.

Directions for use: Bottle comes equipped with a dispenser so just one drop will come out at a time. After cleaning and drying face, shake toner onto cotton ball or clean cloth. Clean carefully over face removing any excess dirt or oils.

You get a 4 oz recyclable clear glass bottle of toner. Label is made from post-consumer paper and adhered with naturally degradable adhesive.

Our active ingredients:

Rose Extract – is renowned as a natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic. Not to discuss it smells magnificent!

Witch Hazel – a pure and natural astringent to deep clean skin and assistance tighten pores.

Organic Black Willowbark Extract – a naturally occurring type of salicylic acid which helps battle acne.

Tea Tree – a natural antibacterial and antibacterial representative to deep clean any dirt from pores.

** See materials list for complete components

Ships USPS Concern to insure prompt shipment. Convo us for a custom-made listing to minimize shipping if you’re buying several products!

Kindly keep in mind that this item does not consist of any preservatives.
All the natural antibacterial representatives help but finest if utilized quickly after purchase.

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