Telegram zine issue 25 by schoolformaps

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Telegram # 25 has to do with feeling good, wanting more than just survival, and developing a life that supports & motivates the imaginary/ perfect life I actually desire for myself, and attempts to ask questions and provide concepts for YOU, the imaginative weirdo who does not quite feel comfortable or all right or content with life, but wishes to discover a way. I ask questions like:

What does your perfect day-to-day life look like? Exactly what is holding you back from living that life? What sort of art do you make? Exactly what is your house like? Do you move a lot? Why? Why not? Do you bring a note pad anywhere you go? Where would you prefer to be one year from now? 5 years? Exactly what will you do today to bring yourself closer to that location? And so on …

I discuss making priorities: day-to-day order of business, monthly goals, and so on, and breaking them down into little, do-able things that will grow into much more magical and fantastic things. Some examples of my goals and priorities include: completing jobs, time outdoors, friendship, eliminating stuff, challenging myself, and creating meaningful days (or stumbling into them).

I blog about my early morning ritual of drinking coffee and deciding exactly what to do with my day, all the concerns I ask myself every early morning, and I talk about how I made use of to want someone to guide me through my life and hold my hand and make my choices for me since I was too depressed to do it on my own, now I am using to end up being that individual for myself because no one else can be. I discuss my need for recognition & acknowledgment, and my secret imagine being some sort of weirdo life coach. I use to briefly take apart the misconception of Crazy Artists and go over one of my affirmations that often actually saves my life: “I would rather be Margaret Atwood than Sylvia Plath.”

And I blog about trying to deal with manic episodes without glamorizing them, I discuss beginning composing clubs and whatnot in your area, and I blog about discovering motivation and damaging author’s block. I cover a lot of things.

This zine is committed to a buddy of mine, another author/ zinester, who passed away recently. My heart is broken, but/ and I feel more figured out to keep myself & my buddies & everyone weirdos alive & strong & smiling because I do not desire the world to damage us, I do not wish to sign up with The Twenty- 7 Club.

Telegram # 25 is quarter-sized, 24 pages, cut & paste, text-heavy.

PS: Yes, I recently altered the title of my zine! Explanations are within the zine, as well as on my blog at Basically, I no longer recognize as female, and composing under a gendered title makes me feel pushed away, hazardous, and uneasy.

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