The MINI Fairy Houses of Mossy Lane – Handcrafted Chalet Style N Scale Cottage in Lilac Purple w / Mossy Roof, Flower Boxes and Wooden Door by bewilderandpine

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PLEASE NOTE *** This is the first of a MINIATURE line of our Mossy Lane Fairy Houses. These are half the size of the regular Mossy Lane (HO Scale) and this in part of our brand-new (N Scale) mini line!

As the Mossy Lane Fairy Houses, among our most popular house series, celebrate their 3rd birthday, we decided to provide this miniature size of them too. Yes, that’s right, a truly MINIATURE sized fairy home! We get rather a few demands for our houses in smaller sizes and we have actually constantly wished to recreate this design in tiny form.

So, here is the really first of those small, small mossy homes! Just like our bigger houses, these are likewise going to be provided in the standard Mossy Lane colors of raspberry pink, robin’s egg blue, light yellow, light terracota, light lavender and mint green.

As you might know from previous listings … there’s a peaceful, little, twisting lane we have actually built that goes through our studio where fairy houses appear to just derive from the ground all around an old cobblestone path. (Which goes to prove the old: & quot; & quot; If you develop it, they will come & quot; & quot; saying! )The inhabitants of these homes are incredibly jovial, fanciful and waggish fairy folk and they have actually appeared here trying to find us to help them find a location to settle down and spread their magic in our world.

And so we are providing this series of this little N scale rustic, chalet style Fairy Houses, in move in condition, for your favorite little spirits to call house … especially if they come from the more foresty Fairy worlds!:-RRB- The

adoringly handcrafted pale lilac Fairy home features a mossy shingle tile roof, a small, 4-pane loft window overlooking a blooming flower box and listed below is a wooden door with stone archway and & quot; & quot; wrought iron & quot; accents.! To the side of the door is an ornamental Victorian style window with another blooming flower box below

Above each loft window, at the peak of the roofing, is a fantastic little crystal fairy & quot; & quot; tele-star & quot; which fairies count upon as a sort of a mystical homing beacon to attract more fairy folk to them. So, fair caution … do not be shocked if you find yourself choosing you require more fairy homes as soon as you have one. That’s how the tele-star deals with us in the human world I am informed and I can not argue as Bewilder and Pine appears to be a true destination for fairy homes of all kinds!.

This little residence would look fantastic nestled in a terrarium, on a windowsill, in an indoor fairy garden or in your favorite houseplant. Wherever you put it, you can be sure the fairy magic is not far from moving in! Similar to our bigger mossy Lane houses, we also develop these as sets with their personal mossy cobblestone lane and can make a base for two or three homes or more. We can also craft a little Mossy Lane for just one house so, till we get one readily available in the shop, simply send us a demand!

The little mossy lane cottages are made from premium polymer clay and hand-painted with acrylic paints. The roofing system tiles and doors with their & quot; & quot; wrought iron & quot; accents and stone archways are laid one & quot; & quot; plank & quot; at a time, the old fashioned fairy method!

The Mini Pale Lilac Fairy Cottage of Mossy Lane determines a TINY 2 3/4 & quot; inches high, 2 & quot; & quot; inches wide and 1 3/4 & quot; inches in depth on average.

It is TINY !! However ohhhh soooo adorable !!!

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¨ ¨ ¨ ° º © © º ° ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ° º © © º ° ¨ ¨ ¨ A list of the nations that we have now sent our original Mossy Lane Houses to reside in includes:

United States
New Zealand
Hong Kong

THANKS for spreading the MAGIC!!

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¨ ¨ ¨ ° º © © º ° ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ° º © © º ° ¨ ¨ ¨ Where do your fairies live???

do you in some cases feel that your fairy spirit is absent? Or do you just want that the magic of the fairy world was a little closer at hand? Well, possibly the answer to your problem is as basic as providing a warm and welcoming place for that little lovelies’ spirit to live!!

Fairy homes of any size or shape offer us the approval to think exactly what we already know, inherently, to be true … that there is magic in this world which we are the creators and caretakers of it for eternity.

A fairy house may also extend an invitation and a guarantee of your security to each little spirit.

Every fairy out there requires a location of their own but, as all of us understand, they do not require much area. And, let’s face it, you’ll be a much happier human understanding where you can discover them when you require to call on their magic the most!

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