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The Perfect 2 & quot; & quot; Cotton Precious jewelry Tassels

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PLEASE READ -. ¸( ‘* -. ¸ ♥ ¸. – *’ )¸. – * Please provide your tassel colors. Please update your address (post-order address modification costs will apply). Please choose Top priority Mail at checkout if you want a quicker shipping technique!

In order to guarantee that we pull your order correctly I ask that you please follow the easy directions below. Blank orders will be filled with a random assortment of tassel colors. Blank orders will not get approved for a refund. We’re tightening the rules before we lose our minds, tassel lovers!

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THE BEST WAYS TO ORDER -. ¸(‘* -. ¸ ♥ ¸. – *’) ¸. – * 1. Decide how many tassels you desire(Quantity choices in the drop down menu
at top right). 2. Scroll through the pictures in this listing to image # 5 (there is a magnifying glass in the bottom right corner. Use it to increase the size of the image). Use these numbers to make a list of what colors you desire.
3. Pick your quantity from the fall menu at right and Add to Cart.
3. Please. Pretty Please. Write your color options in a clear list in the Note to Seller section at checkout. (For instance: 2 of # 1, # 3 of 4, 5 of # 5)
4. Double check to make sure the amount of tassels you are acquiring matches the quantity you are asking for.
4. Choose a shipping upgrade if you want faster shipping. Please do this now. Do not message me after checkout requesting a shipping upgrade; a service charge will use. We have a 3 business day ship window. If you require them delivered much faster, please message me for service upgrade alternatives.

All colors remain in stock since November 16, 2015, Including 7 new Fall Pantone colors. #’S 45-51 are Dried Herb, Desert Sage, Stormy Weather condition, Oak Enthusiast, Marsala, Biscay Bay, Cashmere Rose.

-. ¸ (‘ * -. ¸ ♥ ¸. – * ‘)¸. – * THE DETAILS ON THE TASSELS -.

¸ (‘ * -. ¸ ♥ ¸. – *’)¸. – * Why waste your valuable time making tassels when you can acquire these gorgeous quality handcrafted tassels. All the effort is done for you! These are best tassels for developing malas and necklaces. I have taken all your tassel wishes and desires and created the IDEAL tassels. This style is extremely similar to my Tasseltastic that a number of you love, but with a smaller sized loop! 2 & quot; & quot; is the perfect length for pendants and malas! These are designed by and handmade specifically for WomanShopsWorld. You will not discover these tassels or this quality anywhere else on the market, guaranteed!

The quality on these will blow you away. Wonderfully handmade from cotton thread, covered with silver thread, and an ideal loop for jewelry making at the leading

Length:. 2 & quot;
& quot; Material: Cotton
Quantity per Order: Minimum of 6 pieces (choose your Amount at leading right)
Binding Color: Silver
Each tassel comes individually wrapped, as you can see in image # 4, which likewise compares the Tasseltastic to the Perfect Tassels
(Tasseltastic tassels can be found here:

Pretty PLEASE (with a cherry on top), do not message me asking for a customized listing for fewer than 6 pieces It takes a great deal of time to pull these just for you;. I have to have an order of 8 pieces making it worth my time Thank you for understanding

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** As a lot of my items come from Nepal, a portion of my profits will be contributed to the Unicef and Americares Nepali relief efforts. **

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