The secrets of the beads are all the same. Look then into your heart, and see. Fiber Bead, artisan wedding jewelry bead, dread hair tube by FiberBeads

< p class="cost"> 8,00 USD This set started as a request from a fantastic Etsian from a wonderful far land. The beads were all thrilled about a possible journey across the ocean.
This is a set of 8 fiber beads made with a soft pure white fiber. You will pay postage expenses on your very first set of beads just. After your very first set is in the basket, no extra postage charges will use within the exact same order from my store.
You can select in between four various ready to deliver hole-sizes when you acquire this bead set.
< br/ > 2 mm hole size. The beads are 33 mm or 1.25 inch long. Large enough for beading wire just.
< br/ > 5 mm hole size. The beads are 25 mm or 1 inch long. Chopstick sized hole.
< br/ > 7 mm hole size. The beads are 20 mm or.75 inch long. Pencil sized hole-The most popular size for your fears.
16 mm hole size. The beads are 25 mm or 1 inch long
Yes, they are washable
Custom-made order beads:.
Approximately.75 inch hole size – $ 1.00 each
< br/ > 1 inch and over hole size- $ 5.00 each Please see jumbo fiber rings and scarf slides in my other enjoyable store, Softjewelry at
the beads in the photo are made from a skein of yarn and are a strong representation of the beads you will be buying. If you wish to see the precise beads you are buying, contact me. I’ll be really pleased to take more images! A12

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