Torch-Fired Enameling Kit by Paintingwithfire

130,00 USD

Follow the path of breadcrumbs from & quot; & quot; Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry: a Workshop in Painting with Fire & quot; & quot; … The # 1 Craft Book of 2011 on Amazon … to a kit that will have you enameling a lot of beads, and other metal shapes, in one afternoon. This is without a doubt the very best deal for the precious jewelry artist or enamelist. You’ll have everything you need to enamel beads utilizing the immersion technique, developed by Joseph Spencer and advanced by Barbara Lewis … which is the fastest, most convenient, and most safe approach of applying glass (enamel) to metal. You’ll be learning the same technique I teach in my workshops where students enamel over 35 beads and numerous pendants in an afternoon!

The kit includes the following items:

1. Patented bead pulling station
(It works like this: you place a bread pan filled with vermiculite into the interior space of the Bead Pulling Station The vermiculite provides a non-flammable cushion for your bead You fire your bead or pendant. on a mandrel When you prepare to get rid of the bead or pendant from your mandrel, you simply position the mandrel in the & quot;& quot;. V & quot; notch of the station and pull This moves the bead off of the mandrel so that it can drop. safely into the vermiculite, which acts as a nonflammable cushion.

2. Hot Head torch
3. Vermiculite or oil dri (for a cooling medium)
4. Bread pan
5. 4 mandrels
6. Numerous metal beads to obtain you started
7. three of our favorite 3 oz. baggies of enamel … two opaques and one transparent
8. Package consisting of gas tank hardware (1 angle bracket 1 hose clamp and 1 C-clamp)

The only other things you’ll have to purchase is MAP gas (discovered in the house Depot or Lowe’s from between $ 10 and $ 11) and a ceramic tile or other heat resistant surface to secure your work table from a stray bead.

The Bead Pulling Station is protected by Utility Patent 8,470,399. Users of the bead pulling station must don’t hesitate making beads and jewelry for personal pleasure or sale. TEACHING of the immersion process of enameling is strictly restricted unless licensed and licensed to do so.)

Get a copy of the book for some inspirational jobs that will help you to develop your enameling skills.I’m constantly available at for any questions.
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