Toughtek Non slip Fabric 18 by 36 inches by Woofsdogboots

12,00 USD

This material is an One Hundred Percent polyester, knit, stretchable material that has a covering of neoprene rubber applied to it
Is an unique material that holds up highly to wear and abrasion while likewise providing grip and non-skid in both wet and dry conditions

Water resistant, fire retardant, washable, and exceptional for sewing and welding and is soft and washable and quickly could be cut with a scissor or blade
Used in Numerous Applications anywhere you need a water-proof, non-skid, abrasion resistant consisting of the pet boots I make

– Sole of slippers, moccasins and baby shoes
– Clothes
– Gloves/ Mitten Palm Patches
– Outdoor furnishings
– Shoulder Strap Patches
– Bag/ Travel luggage Panels
– Wheelchair Cushion Bottoms

Rate revealed is for 54 x 36 inches
Cut in increment of yards or continuously

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