Tree of Life Ring – Woodland Ring – Artisan Handcrafted with Recycled Fine Silver – Double Sided Ring – Forest Ring- Silvan Arts- Elven by SilvanArts

98,00 USD

This Tree of Life ring is hand formed and patterned with a woodland tree design on the outside, and with a spiral texture text on the inside. Tree of Life symbolism is found in virtually every culture and mythology throughout history. It’s definition is that life is connected, and embodies qualities such as protection, wisdom and stamina.

This made-to-order ring is adoringly hand formed in an extremely engaged process makings each ring entirely unique and one of a kind. The finished piece has the rustic appearance and feel to it. Each handcrafted piece is different and one of a kind. The spiral pattern on the inside is various on each ring, in addition to small surface flaws that are purposely made to put to the rustic, aged feel of it. All edges of the ring are finely sanded for smooth comfy wear. This ring is also ideal as a really unique one of a kind woodland wedding band.

|||| Remember that this is a wide band ring; I suggest going a half size bigger with a large ring for comfort.||||

*** Please note: If you need a size 10 or larger, there will be a little extra charge due to more silver being utilized. ***

Please allow me approximately 2 weeks to develop your customized ring!


All products arrive gift boxed!


About Metal Clay/ Fine Silver and my process:

These special products are made from metal clay. Metal clay is made from environmentally friendly recovered silver. The pure silver particles recuperated from the image developing procedure and mixed with a binder made of water and plant-based natural products. In raw form, it’s flexible like clay. When fired, it ends up being a great [.999] silver piece of metal.

Every piece is special. Each piece is made from raw silver with caring care and focus on every detail from start to complete by hand. They are formed, sanded, and fired in a kiln at 1650 degrees for hours for optimal strength and sturdiness. They are then hand polished, tumbled with steel shot for more shine and work-hardened stamina, then oxidized and polished by hand once more. The finished item is 99.9 % pure fine silver that does not stain as quickly as sterling. Tiny lines and defects are particular of metal clay and contribute to its artisan feel. No 2 pieces are ever alike.

The difference between fine silver and sterling silver is that fine silver is 99.9 % pure silver. Sterling is 92.5 % silver, with the rest being other metals such as copper and tin. They look and wear the same. You can polish and care for them the same, however fine silver is more tarnish-resistant than sterling. Great silver is almost pure silver, which makes it a more precious and important metal than sterling silver.


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns, and thanks for looking!

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