Turmeric Root Herbal Infused Oil – Organic – Curcuma longa – 1 oz by seawillowherbs

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Turmeric root is a fantastic herb that has lots of amazing uses! This herbal oil can be implemented by itself as a topical oil, as an exceptional salve active ingredient or any dish that requires an oil.

I make this oil from fresh organic turmeric root. I infused the roots in natural additional virgin olive oil for six weeks or more. Next I strain them out and let the staying oil sit for another week and after that finally it is really to bottle. This process catches the recovery components of the herb and offers the olive oil a beautiful yellow tint.

& Gt; & gt; & Gt; & gt; For added information on Turmeric check out my article:

-100 % natural and organic
– Healthy for your body along with the world!
– Made in little batches with love
– Use externally as often as needed.
– 1 oz brown glass bottle

& gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; Client Feedback
& quot; & quot; This will be my Third order of this oil!!! And in A word, It’s: – GLORIOUS !!:–RRB- I imply? iove Turmeric anyhow !! So i would enjoy with anything Turmeric-ey!!!:-RRB-)And i have tried oils and creams before? Some oils did not smell too strong? and some creams left you looking a bit orangey?!:–RRB- However much like Goldilocks?! I have found This oil? to be perfect for me?!!!:–RRB-:-RRB-)))It has a deep Orange color to it, due to the fact that it’s been made with real fresh Turmeric roots !! It does not ‘sit’ on the skin at all?! And is simply taken in easily. It has a deep warm odor, which i personally like and it smells like it’s truly going to be ‘doing some recovery’! I initially used it on my cheek when i had a tooth pain?! and with a couple of applications, as well as taking turmeric tablets too, the pain had gone. Amazzzing!! Thanks SO Much Jennifer !! xx & quot; & quot; -J
& quot; & quot;-In a word? TERRIFIC!!!:–RRB- I would rather make use of Sea Willow Herbs’ Infused oils, than any other instilled oils out there?! This was an order for the Black walnut hull oil, which i have not attempted yet, however smells fantastic and is a rich dark brown color. And as for the Turmeric oil? !!!!! Well !!! What can i state??! This is my Second purchase of this SUPER efficient!! And SUPER Delicious!! and SUPER Orange-eyy oil!!!
:–RRB-:–RRB- I love turmeric anyyywaaay?! But have tried other turmeric items out there?! which were beautiful, however remained on the skin a bit?!:–RRB- However this oil sinks directly in! And seems like it’s doing something too! Because it is the ‘genuine deal’ instilled roots! It has a special Turmeric-ey scent, which i definitely enjoy!:–RRB- So from me? It’s a10/ 10 product! As are ALL Jennifer’s TERRIFIC creations !!! Thank You A Lot!! xx & quot; & quot;

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