Unfinished paper mache Set of 2 Thunper / Sassy Bunny Rabbit by Pawprints49

8,00 USD

These bunnies are for the artist who wants to paint their own pieces. They are paper mache bunnies I formed from my collection of molds. After the molding and drying phases there are imperfections on the pieces such as air shaft and air bubbles. This makes the bunnies more old or classic looking. He might look smoother by applying filler. I have actually sanded the seams so he prepares to repaint.

Size is approximately:
Thumper on left 3 & quot; & quot; high, a 2 1/4 & quot; wide
and 1 1/2 & quot; deep Sassy on best 4 1/2 & quot; tall, 1 3/4 & quot; broad and 1 1/2 & quot; deep

Thanks for looking!

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