Unicorn Duochrome Color Shifting Top Coat Custom Nail Polish 5mL by StarlightAndSparkles

4,50 USD

Unicorn is a color moving duochrome top coat, implied for layering over other polishes. It is one of a trio of color moving duochrome leading coats. Unicorn shifts from cool green to blue, and flashes turquoise and brilliant indigo at the extremes of its color range. It’s gorgeous, and pictures do not do justice to the color shift. The nail wheel examples reveal 2 coats on black. Unicorn is the shade on the left in the third picture.

The remarkable Lauren of Dizzy Nails was kind enough to evaluate this polish. The 4th photo is hers (with Unicorn on the index and ring fingers, and Phoenix on the middle and pinky fingers). Her pictures are fantastic and show the color shift far much better than mine. Please go see her evaluation right here: https://www.dizzynails.com/2012/08/unicorn-and-phoenix.html

The last picture reveals exactly what the 5mL bottle will certainly appear like. This listing is for a 5mL bottle, however I do have a larger, 15mL bottle readily available in another listing. I likewise have the three color shifting duochrome leading coats noted as a set, in both 15mL and 5mL sizes, for less than buying each color separately.

Unicorn is one of my custom polishes, made from scratch with nail lacquer base and color moving pigment. All my customized polishes are 3 free, formaldehyde resin totally free, camphor free, and contain no carmine or other animal-derived pigments.

Можно readily available at Etsy for StarlightAndSparkles