Unique Vintage or Antique French RoCoCo ribbon rosette trim in lovely vivid colors, unused stock, 1 yard by VintageTidbit

45,00 USD

This is a distinct and charming vintage, possibly antique, rococoFrench trim – very popular in the 1920s and 30s, I am thinking this to be from around the 1940s-50s but might be older. Unused old shop stock, the trim remains in fair condition for its age. I kept in mind mild fading, often to the blue ribbon roses and am guessing the trim on the back that the ombre ribbon and roses are stitched to make use of to be more brilliant before, now showing a pale sage like color. Merely lovely with rosebuds in red, medium blue, lilac, yellow and pink. The details that went into these trims is amazing. If you take a look at the images showing the back of the trim you can see the white thread where the ombre ribbon and rosebuds are sewn down.
The trim steps approximately 1/2 & quot; & quot; large as seen in the last image. This listing is for one backyard. I will just be selling a few backyards of this trim and keeping the rest in my collection. PLEASE do SUPERSIZE images to see the captivating detail. Trimming is made from I am guessing rayon however might be silk, with a cotton backing. Perfect for dolls or as an accent on any restoration project. Kindly do supersize images for information. If purchasing more than a yard I will certainly keep uncut.

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