Upcycled Dinosaur Planter – Extra Large Red T Rex with Air Plant by FoundBeautyStudioArt

19,95 USD< p class=" description "> Oh how I enjoy a red t-rex. I do unknown why, however I just adore this combo. This man is one of the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex that I have actually ever discovered, and all that red looks SO excellent!

This air plant is unbelievably easy to care for. It does not need soil, so it’s simply put in the planter however can be eliminated and changed out at any time. Tillandsia absorb water through their leaves, so it just has to be run under the faucet or dunked in a glass of water once a week and put near brilliant filtered light. I send out a care sheet with each plant, so no have to fret about remembering these guidelines

< br/ > Height (consisting of plant):! 8 & quot;
& quot;
Width: 4 & quot;

Length: 10 & quot; Thanks for looking and please feel totally free to contact me through etsy with any concerns

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