Upcycled Shabby Chic jewelry box for Chamilia, Biagi, Troll and all of the large hole European style beads by eskiebeads

74,00 USD

Accommodate your bead collection together with your interchangeable bracelets and other precious jewelry pieces with care and design in this upcycled precious jewelry armoire

Painted with off-white chalk paint, then distressed and waxed
Measurements:. 14 inch tall, 11 inch wide, 6 inch deep

Two original turning carousels for bracelets and necklaces
Slots for rings and more precious jewelry pieces

Both drawers have inserts with rods for keeping all handcrafted lampwork beads and large hole beads (Chamilia, Biagi, Troll, Murano and all of the large hole European design beads)

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