UPSIZE TO BEER Koozie Bottle Size, Machine Embroidered, Name, Picture, You Choose! by MadeByMari

2,00 USD

♦ ♦ ♦ You should initially ACQUIRE THE REGULAR SIZE koozie, then buy this.
Total of 2 purchases for one beer koozie will certainly be $ 12.00 each: routine size + upgrade to beer size.

(Do not forget those group get togethers! Reunions, Household, Buddies, Hunters – you call it!)

1. To find a regular koozie (and if you may want an idea) check out all of the koozies and choose one. Full all the information you want about koozie color, names, font styles (color & thread color), idea IF you want one, or whatever you may want.

2.– & gt; After you’re done creating it, Put it in your Shopping Cart
*** but do not finish looking into yet ***. Go back to continue shopping.

3. Then BUY the right variety of UPSIZE to BEER Koozie as you have bought for your routine order. Put that order in your shopping cart

4. You will now have 2 products in your shopping cart.

4. IF YOU FORGET TO PURCHASE THIS AT THE SAME TIME, simply order this now and tell me in the check out area or by & quot; & quot; Contact Me & quot; that it goes with the other one. If I have a concern, I’ll ask you. But generally I can put your name with that name!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

♦ A custom-made long-neck size up from the regular koozie, this one holds your regular beer bottles safely zipped in. Most significantly, it keeps you from consuming from someone else’s bottle!

♦ The size is that of a & quot; & quot; regular & quot; beer bottle. Some of the special IPA bottles necks might be little thinner however can still work. (Both bottoms will also fit in the regular/ small size koozies).

♦ Usually if you have an image, the name will go on the back however can fit on the front – your choice. See sample images, above.

♦ If you have just words, they will certainly all go on the front. A name may or might not fit with them depending upon length. I’ll have to see exactly what you need to say!!

♦ An idea generally can not fit on the zipper side.

If you still desire a picture however do not see one you desire, just & quot; & quot; Contact Me ‘.
I may have your picture in a file (more than I might ever print here).

So, exactly what I require when you look into the first time with the little koozie:

Color of koozie
Name] Locations if you have a choice
& quot; Any variations in colors of thread
The font style for the words
And anything unique

Then you can do this order. If you miss something, do not worry. I’ll contact you.

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