Vampire Bookmark – Small gift Teen Girl – Jeweled Beaded Book Thong in Red, Black and Silver Rose and Fangs Charms for the Book Journal by EleganceFarm

22,00 USD

There are so numerous popular vampire book series lately that my consumers have begun to request bookmarks to go with them, so here it is! It’s perfect to mark the pages of your favorite books! Perhaps there is a character with a name of a flower?

I hand strung crimson and black beads, highlighted with silver, along a silver gray bead cord. I added an appeal to each end: one rose and one set of fangs.

Trying to find a distinct gift for a reading enthusiast? Or maybe you are offering a book as a present, and wish you had a little something additional to add. Tuck in this book thong and you have actually just developed a special and extra-special customized present!

This book thong is a luxurious book accessory. It’s so much better than a scrap of paper, or dog-earing your pages! Plus, it makes a reader feel pampered.

I make use of only high-quality materials, including sterling silver fittings, lead-free beauties, and strong nylon bead cord.

If you have a preferred novel and you want me to develop a customized bookmark, send me a note! I ‘d enjoy to create something for you.

• 2 lead-free appeals
• Strong sterling silver fittings
• Will fit books as much as 10 & quot; & quot; long
• Resilient beading cord that sits inside the book to keep
your place without damaging the pages or spinal column.
• Packaged in an organza bag, ready for gift-giving

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