Variegated Agave potatorum 'Kichiokan Marginata' by SteveSuperGardens

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Agave potatorum '' Kichiokan Marginata' ' (Dwarf Variegated Butterfly Agave) – This is a sensational, variegated cultivar of Agave potatorum. Produces a beautiful, nearly cabbage-form rosette 12 inches tall by 12-18 inches wide with gray-green leaves margined with cream. Leaves have stunning red margin and idea spinal columns. Makes a fantastic potted specimen!I ' ve seen this
Agave listed as a very sluggish grower but I would have to disagree. I discover it to be moderate, even relatively fast once it gets it'' s roots established and gets a little supplemental water and fertilizer. Prefers intense light however needs a little protection from full sun in very hot environments. Extremely drought tolerant however will certainly value a little extra watering in really hot climates. Hardy to a minimum of 25 degrees. Sale plants are similar to the ones on the last 2 images. They determine approx 3 inches throughout and will certainly be delivered BARE-ROOT via Priority Mail. As you can see from the very first image, A fully grown specimen of this Agave is stunning!

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