Vintage 1930’s – 1940’s Wall Paper Trim border. Imperial Paper Co. Unused kitchen fruit red white green strawberries retro kitsch by LILYDEVINE

7,00 USD

These products being listed are from my own collection. These have actually been with me considering that I had my store in Portsmouth, NH in the 90’s and before. My child is off to college in the fall and I will be significantly scaling down!

I’m constantly surprised when things can go 60-70 years and not get made use of. Particularly from back in the day when EVERYTHING got used! However I guess I can comprehend … I have actually hung on to these for 15 of those years! Anyhow, here are 5 rolls od wall paper trim in a magnificent Fruit pattern (really hot today) Great deals of colors but not subduing. Simply a sweet little border to make a room appearance happy and welcoming:-RRB- Or even utilize for scrapbooking, collages, making welcoming cards, embellishing books or shelving or perhaps bureau drawers! You could even just make use of double sided tape if you did not desire it to be irreversible like if you stay in a rental. You might still take it when you go!
Each roll is 12 feet long so it would cover a lot of length. Such a nice little detail in a retro kitchen area:-RRB- It states they are pre-pasted however I can state for sure if the glue would still be triggered with water. It may take a little glue to use these. Personally, I just loved the appearance of them rolled up and on a shelf! Similar to they should have rested on the Woolworth’s shelves in the 1930’s or 40’s.

Sizes: Each roll is 12 feet long x 2 & quot;

& quot; How Lots of available 5 (sold by the roll) If you desire more than one roll, simply contribute to it in the Amount drop-down menu

Colors: Red, Eco-friendly, Blue, Yellow on a linen white background (may be whiter when unrolled)

Condition: Excellent classic condition. Unused with Initial labels

Maker: Imperial Paper Co.

. Country of Origin: Glens Falls, NY. USA

* Listing is PER ROLL. You can purchase as lots of as 5.

* Please keep in mind that of my products are 100 % authentic Vintage items. And we’re not talking 80’s & quot; & quot; vintage & quot;(That’s not even vintage to me)I imply 50, 60, 70 years old. So anticipate some wear. Things back then got used … and made use of for years. Partially due to the fact that things were constructed to last. Partly since that’s just how people were. They did not toss out the coffee machine because it did not match anymore. If it worked, you kept it. And it would generally outlast the owner.
I will explain everything to the best of my capability and mention anything that is more noticeable or considered a more significant defect. Nevertheless, I will not explain every little speck that is just & quot; & quot; typical wear & quot; since that is to be expected with authentic vintage items. If you have any concerns or concerns, PLEASE inquire. I’m more than delighted to address any and all:-RRB- Pointer

: If you see something without any wear, well that’s an excellent indication that it’s a repro. Even things that are unused (such as these) reveal signs of age. So beware out there.

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