Vintage 40s Silver Sea Lion Merlion Chimera Brooch Pin by metroretrovintage

35,00 USD

So different and distinct! Is this wonderful vintage mythological chimera brooch of either sterling or continental silver, portraying a ‘sea lion’ literally, with a creature that is half lion and half fish, circa 1940’s.

Also known as a Merlion, the mythic animal is consisted of sterling silver with finely incised information, specifically along the lion’s mane and fringed hair, no rubbish expression, and great information pattern of scales along the split finned tail.

The sea lion pin also has a side fin and spikey back fins, and procedures around 1 & 3/4 inches large by 1 & 5/8 inches high at its highest points, weighs 16.4 grams, and has a tiny silver mark which appears to have a double strike, making it hard to read – and either 925 or 835 or 833.

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