Vintage Castaways in Lilliput Hardcover by jacksbluejane

2,00 USD Castaways in Lilliput by Henry Winterfeld Initially equated from German in 1961

I doubt as to the date of publication on this edition. The others like it have a 1961 date, but this appears to be a library edition that I can not find on the net anywhere. There is a little, oval label on the within front cover of the book that reads ‘Brand-new Approach Book Bindery,’ which pioneered the rebinding of books for worn library books.

Uncertainty, although because of the similarity in covers, however clearly not the originals, makes me think that this is a 1961 edition that has actually been rebound.

The spine remains in fantastic shape, all of the pages are still here, there is a little bit of aging on the outside edges and the occasional brown area on a page occasionally. The covers are sturdy and made to last and it’s an excellent story;-RRB-
So, low rate due to unpredictability of the date and not the original covers along with the markings that the library has put on the book.

I’ll constantly do my best to represent vintage items in a precise condition through photos and descriptions however if you have any concerns, please call me. None of my vintage has a moldy, smoky, or animal-stored-outside smell as I will not keep such things or attempt to pass them on to anyone else.

The aging and any issue is included in the photos above.

I’ve seen these used in art journals, combined media art, and as ephemera … I can not imagine damaging a book that is not fatally affecteded, however the images are rather charming so I do see the appeal.
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Vintage Castaways in Lilliput Hardcover by jacksbluejane