Vintage Dollhouse Furniture – Nancy Forbes 11 Piece Living Room Set – 3/4 Scale – 1940’s by TheToyBox

40,00 USD

This set of classic dollhouse living-room furniture was made by the Rapaport Bros, Chicago, and sold under the Nancy Forbes label. It is shy one table lamp from being complete and the initial set did not include the floor lamp.

This design was the first that the business made and date to 1940 and the deco design is characteristic of the period. 11 pieces consisting of sofa, chair and ottoman, fireplace, console radio, 2 4 lamps and side tables.

Made of strong solid wood with a walnut stain. The radio has an impressed design on the front and little brass knobs indicating the speakers and controls and the fireplace has a glass mirror. The other pieces are quite standard. The table lamp is repainted gold and this is the initial finish.

Made in 3/4 & quot; & quot; scale, the sofa measures 4 1/2 & quot; long, 2 1/2 & quot; broad and tall and the tallest piece, the radio, measures 4 & quot; & quot; long, 1 1/2 & quot; deep and 3 1/2 & quot; tall. Please utilize these dimensions as a reference for other pieces or request more measurements.

All pieces except the floor lamp are in excellent condition and seem unused without any indication of play wear or damage of any kind. The lamp (do not know if this is an original Nancy Forbes product) has a chip out of the shade and some discoloration.

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