Vintage Door Knob Inspiration Holder – Photo Holder- Table Number Holder by PetiteMichelleLouise

30,00 USD|*|House of the ORIGINAL Doorknob Inspiration Holders as seen on the cover of”Somerset Life”;: Fall 2011|& quot;. & quot; Handcrafted & quot; 2014|Somerset House 2014|Charming Nation 2014
© 2011 – 2015 Michelle G. Ferullo

|& quot; *|& quot; Noel &

quot;|* | From my most recent collection entitled: & quot; One Little Word & quot; … this beautiful crystal door knob has been changed into one of my signature & quot; & quot; Motivation Holders & quot;& quot;. A location to hang your preferred inspiring saying … photo. memo or place card. Wire has actually been hand bent to form the word: & quot; & quot; Noel & quot;. I have actually adorned this one with a stunning iridescent crystal earring and a sweet silver charm that states: & quot; & quot; Believe & quot;. It includes the & quot; & quot; Joyeux Noel & quot; tag you see here. Picture/ place card/ memo, etc can be placed into the smaller wired loop at the neck of the knob. A truly special and one-of-a-kind method to show your keepsakes

** These vintage doorknobs have been & quot; & quot; adored prior to & quot; and reveals indication of classic wear. I have actually cleaned each knob but left any original paint, rust or & quot; & quot; patina & quot; as it only includes to that vintage appearance. There might be & quot; & quot; crazing & quot;, fractures, scratches and/ or staining due to the natural aging of the knob. If you’re trying to find & quot; & quot; pristine & quot; … these are not for you.

|*|These are my ORIGINAL, copyright protected, & quot; & quot; signature designs & quot.;
© 2015 Michelle G. Ferullo

** Step around 7.5 & quot;& quot
;. Tall ** These are delivered through Top priority Mail
** I refund any shipping & quot; & quot; overages & quot; of a dollar or more.


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