Vintage Fish Print Series 1 Plate 2 Digital Download: 8×10, specimen, fishes, vintage-look, printing and framing, decoupage by RhineandStone


2,50 USD This is a ** Digital Download ** made from a classic print from a book. I have customized it; sized it, repaired color, honed, positioned it on a classic background and made other adjustments to create an uniform size and appearance for this series of prints.

< br/ > WHY I got annoyed that book pages and classic prints from the antique shopping mall did not fit into conventional frames. I attempted including ribbons, trims, paint, and scrapbook paper. Absolutely nothing made things look as ideal as a nice neatly-cut image mat, which cost more than the print and the frame put together in many cases! So I tried scanning and editing my print so it came out 8×10 – viola! Perfect fit each time into frames from IKEA and Aaron Brothers (or your local mass-framing shop!) And then I sold some on Etsy and people appeared to like them so I made more!

FORMAT< br/ > You get a nominal 8×10 print, 300ppi (photo-resolution) in a JPG format. Remember it was as soon as a print out of a book -. Aging, color loss, spots, mistakes by the artist are part of the enjoyable of displaying vintage prints and not an outcome of poor quality files

SIZE 8×10 unless you convo me for an 11×14 or 5×7. The aspect ratio of the print to the page will be various, but the size of the image will be adjusted as best as possible

COLOR Color is a touchy thing – everyone’s printer is different, and unless you are a graphic pro and have adjusted your screen using an extremely lengthy and comprehensive process, they seldom match the screen colors. I have actually got access to three printers and I got various results on each, however I liked them all. You ought to attempt adjusting the color settings on the image using fundamental image software that probably featured your computer (conserve the original file someplace safe.) If that does not work, please request for my aid.

MODIFICATION In addition to size, sometimes I can adjust colors or lighten or darken items, supply png’s without the page, or comprise a customized sheet for you. Just convo me or request a custom-made product. I’ll be grateful to assist

PRINTING Remember we all have different computer systems and various printers, so this is basic suggestions:. If it’s not printing the proper size, inspect the scale in your printer window – it’s most likely set on & quot; & quot; fit to page & quot; or something comparable. Turn that off, and an 8×10 ought to float in the middle of your 8-1/ 2×11 printer page. You may be using image settings, and then you need to ensure to turn off the white borders so you get the entire page. You can also take it to Walmart or other 1 hour picture printing place and order them as 8×10 photo prints. If you need an artist release, simply ask

HELP Convo me-. I am a genuine person, and will return to you as quickly as I can

Thank you! Cheers! Bonjour!

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