Vintage Glass Fire Opal Necklace – 14K Gold Filled – Vintage Glass Opal, Colorful, Birthstone Jewlery, Shabby Chic, Petite, Understated, Heirloom by HangingByAThreadKids

30,00 USD

This charming necklace is used a classic glass fire opal from the 1950’s. The opal is high quality and functions flashes of pink, orange, yellow, as well as green. The stone is round in shape with a flat back and domed front. It is connected to a lacy edged, american made, raw brass setting. Opal stone steps 11mm in diameter. Fire opals, by nature, have a slight cloudy tint to them. They are cloudy head-on and after that the colors and fire appear as you turn the stone. That being said – these stones have HARDLY ANY cloud. I have actually then connected it to 14K gold filled tiny bar chain that closes with a simple 14K gold filled lobster clasp. This locket is tiny enough for even the smallest kids and the colors are striking enough to get discovered on a older lady. Classic beauty at it’s finest! Kindly select the size you need at checkout. PLEASE NOTE there are adult sizes and youngsters’s sizes to choose from.

Sizes availabe are:
XS (2-4 YEARS OLD) 11 & quot;
& quot; S (4-6 YEARS OF AGES )13 & quot; M (8-10 YEARS OF AGES) 14 & quot;
& quot; L (10-14 YEARS OF AGES) 15 & quot;

& quot;
Grownup 16 & quot;
Grownup 17 & quot;

& quot; Adult 18 & quot; * Trying to find matching earrings? appearance right here:

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