vintage photo Photo Album 1899-1906 Gem Miniature 67 photos Donkey Children Adults by maclancy

35,00 USD

a wonderful photo album which includes 6 (the donkey size one) photos and 61 gem miniature images
67 images
good condition
5.50 & quot; X4.50 & quot;
the gems are @ 1.00 & quot; X1.25 & quot;
and the others are @ 3.00 & quot; 3.00 & quot;

Shipping is $ 2.50

photos are securely mailed in sealed glassine envelopes with cardboard. I have been selling vintage photos online for 5 years and have customer service as my highest priority.

I do my best to sell clean perfect photos but often vintage photos have scrapbook on back or some dry paste and that often is unavoidable. I am an archivist as well so often will wash and blot dry photos if possible. Often I include a high contrast close up to see the details but image is closer to second image shown. I also do my best to describe every detail and if you have question still, then write. I am happy to respond.

Thanks for shopping with Clancy’s Classics

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