Vintage Trim Lot Floral Flower Pack Millinery Gold Embellishment Handmade Craft Kit Jewelry Sewing Novelty Grab Scrap Bag Mixed Bundle Japan by ByJuliet

20,00 USD Classic trim lot floral flower pack millinery gold foil embellishment craft package novelty grab scrap bag for handmade, sewing, clothes dress, fashion jewelry, hair adornment, fascinator, tiny hats, style wedding event devices, outfit, needlework, applique, journal, scrapbook, collage, art, gift wrap, home decor and so many creative possibilities.

Vintage from late 1960s or 1970s. Made in Japan. Never utilized.

Features 6 designs gold foil millinery floral flower in a total of 52 petal pieces as seen in the picture:

The size for each flower design measure roughly:

Daisy Sunflower petal Design Small 4.5 cm width in 12 petal pieces.
Daisy Sunflower petal Design Medium 5.3 cm width in 7 petal pieces.
Daisy Sunflower petal Design Big 6.3 cm width in 8 petal pieces.

Peony Rose Petal Design 6.5 cm width in 12 pieces.

Christmas Poinsettia Petal Design 4.4 cm width in 5 pieces.

< br/ > Orchid Petal Design 7.3 cm width in 8 pieces.

< br/ > If you love this classic trim lot floral flower pack millinery gold decoration, I am sure you will falling in love with my other collection of classic material and craft supplies.

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