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& quot; & quot; Good Night, Day/ Modern & Minimalist knitting patterns & quot;
& quot; seamless knitting patterns from the gnd collection
by Tara-Lynn Morrison
Vol. # 3

◊ volume # 3 consists of collection of great night day’s latest knitting patterns; Bloomfield Lace Blanket Wrap, Bancroft Shell Sweatshirt, York Bobble Toque, Omemee Cable Toque, Stratford Halter Crop Pullover, Damaskas Sleevless Vest Cardigan, Kawartha Crop Coat,
Perth Cardigan

The great night, day patterns in this pamphlet are all skillfully developed to be knit in one seamless piece or in areas that can be quickly pieced together without seaming, making use of a range of straight forward knitting techniques and apt tools.

© 2014 tara-lynn morrison & great night, day
all rights reserved. reproduction in whole or any part of all product, consisting of images, in this pamphlet is strictly prohibited.
the patterns/ designs in this booklet are copyrighted and need to not be knitted for re-sale. reproduction of this publication is secured by copyright and is offered in the condition that it is made use of for non commercial functions.

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