White Chalkboard Chalk Pen Marker Pen, 6mm by bugaboo

4,25 USD

Finally! I'' m able to list my preferred chalk marker so that you can enjoy them too! The labels in the photo were written with this type of pen (not this specific pen, as its a brand new one for you!:-RRB- This pen has a 6mm round tip and comes sealed in its initial packaging. Follow the directions on the pen to “”prep”it and you prepare to label away!

I use my labels, and this pen, in my pantry, laundry room, office/craft room and the playroom. I'' m sure my linen storage room is next! Another terrific feature of this pen … it composes on glass and plastic too! It wipes off, quickly, using a moist cloth. Per directions on the pen, it ought to NOT be utilized on painted chalk surface areas, as it will not totally erase

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