White on White neck cowl, made in freeform crochet by 2SistersStringworks

75,00 USD

This cowl is done making use of the method of freeform crochet. The products are practically entirely natural fibres, mostly wool, primarily handspun by me. There is some alpaca and mohair in right here, too. Due to the fact that this is created to be used on the neck, I ensured that I used soft and non-itchy fibres, because what’s the use of wearing something stunning if you’re scratching all the time?

You can use this over a t-shirt as an indoor product, or you can tuck it around your neck and wear it with your winter coat, like a scarf. To add some additional luxury, tuck the leading part over and repair it with a gorgeous shawl pin or brooch.

You can purchase on Etsy for 2SistersStringworks