Windchime Rainbow and Butterflies Glass Small by DesertCreations

25,00 USD

Special and one of a kind with a crackle glass rondel and glass strips that have the edges ground, so they are smooth to the touch. Silver butterflies and leaves, blue, green, clear, yellow, emerald beads accent this beautiful piece adding luster and twinkle to your window or porch. This Windchime makes a soft tinkling noise when moving.
This would make a remarkable present!

Glass rondel determines 3.25 & quot; & quot; x 18 & quot; length approximately.
This product is Gift Covered.

To care for your brand-new Stained Glass Windchime Suncatcher. Make certain it is awaited a well sheltered area such as a window or covered porch as this item is constructed of glass. It is fragile and edges may be sharp. Handle with care.

Hooks are for screens just and not for sale.

Produced and Created by Deborah Hanson
Checked in small print on the back.

Можно offered at Etsy for DesertCreations