Wolf Weds Unicorn Wedding Cake Topper by MelaboWed

50,00 USD

This wedding event cake topper is made and ready to take a trip.

BRIDE-TO-BE: Unicorn

Toppers are 5 inches tall at the groom’s shoulders. The addition of an animal head includes an inch or two. The base is 3 inches large. The depth of the base is 2.5 inches.
(METRIC = 12.5 cm to shoulders, 8cm large base, depth 6 cm)
Toppers weigh between 6 and 10 oz. The base is hollow and there is an opening into the interior. Each topper is signed.

Toppers are cast by me in my studio, making use of molds that I make myself. They are cast utilizing a white liquid clay. Each topper needs numerous molds. One for the bodies and one for each head. Tails use an added mold. After the parts are cast, and dried a bit, human heads are chopped off and animal heads attached. I carve out bow ties and clean up seams, producing sharp looking hybrid creatures. Each topper makes 2 trips through the kiln, shooting to 2000 degrees, the second shooting melts a clear glaze that makes the figurine luster.

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NOTES: This is not a stark blue/ white … closer to an Ivory. It is not uncommon for the glaze to have mini-black speckles. Please always take a close take a look at pictures.

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